We are pleased to announce  that first full release of Stork Data  

Scheduler (Stork 1.0) is now available on the Stork Project web page (http://www.storkproject.org 


The new features supported in this release include:

- Checkpointing file transfers

- Recursive directory transfers

- Wild card support

- Checksum verification

- File size comparison

- File permission setting

- Request aggregation and connection caching

- Early error detection

- Synch option

Along with the good old features, such as:

- Multi-protocol support

- Transfer throttling

- Failure Recovery

- Alternate protocol fallback option

- GSI security

At this point, we only release the binaries of Stork, but planning to  

release the source code in the near future as well.

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any questions as well  

as your own wish list for future releases. For more information on  

Stork and the new release, please visit the Stork Web Page.