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Latest News:

Stork for the Cloud soon.. (April 21, 2012)

Cloud hosted Stork data scheduling and optimization services will be available soon. Please keep tuned. For previous releases of Stork, please click here.


Publications on Stork:

  1. A New Paradigm: Data-Aware Scheduling in Grid Computing
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Publications Enabled by Stork:

  1. Coordination of Access to Large-scale Datasets in Distributed Environments
    T. Kosar, A. Hutanu, J. McLaren and D. Thain
    To appear in Scientific Data Management: Challenges, Existing Technology, and Deployment, Editors: A. Shoshani and D. Rotem, CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Books, 2009.

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  9. A Fully Automated Fault-tolerant System for Distributed Video Processing and Off-site Replication
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Other Related Publications:

  1. Dynamically Tuning Level of Parallelism in Wide Area Data Transfers
    Esma Yildirim, Mehmet Balman, and Tevfik Kosar
    In Proceedings of DADC'08 (in conjunction with HPDC'08), Boston, MA, June 2008